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Deeplomatikk Radio DJ Guide

Personal Message

This guide has been produced to aid and support our growing Family.

The most common scenarios and predicaments are addressed in this guide. This is to help us all maintain a standard that reflects Deeplomatikk Radio’s attitude, and to present a level of professionalism to our listeners.

Do not take anything here personally, as this is a generic document brought about by necessity, rather than choice. We want to keep ALL our DJ’s, We all do this for the love of it!

Signed: Field Marshall

Items in this guide include

  • New Member Guide
  • On Air
  • Code of Ethics & Values

New Members


  • Good Broadband Connection
  • Microphone
  • 320kbs MP3 quality music
  • If you have a time slot please try to keep it. It is like a job, and we do need a DJ running in relation to the schedule they have opted to do. (New members will be subject to a 3 month regularity trial)
  • If you have enlisted to do a weekly show, but are not keeping to it, and miss your allocated slot without a valid reason, discuss alternatives with us, or you will be removed from the Deeplomatikk platform. If you miss your show thrice in a row, without a valid reason, you will be removed.
  • All DJ’s must provide a quality picture, and send a DJ’ & Show Bio. This is for the website. E’G what is your show about? A short piece of info will suffice.

On Air

  1. All DJ’s must play the station ID at the start of your show, and every half an hour, (Any jingle that says Deeplomatikk Radio) You can now find the jingles for download here
  2. Make sure you start your computers early, allowing sufficient time for any updates or errors to be resolved.
  3. All DJ’s must speak regularly (Every 10-15 mins) to ensure listeners feel engaged. Listeners usually feel you are talking to them personally. If you do not want to talk, advise listeners that for the last half an hour, you will not be talking.
  4. All DJ’s must tag their songs in the right way. (Artists – Name of the song)
  5. It’s your show. You can act the way you like. Just do not bad talk the listeners. AT ALL.
  6. When completed make sure you DROP, and place a dropped message in the Deeplomatikk Group Whatsapp
  7. If you do not know how to mix, than keep mixing to a minimum
  8. When Airing, please have your mic balanced to your music volume, and after you talk, see that the mic is off.
  9. We always are looking for fans to join us. Suggest our website, or follow on twitter @deeplomatikk, or Facebook Deeplomatikk Radio
  10. DO NOT LEAVE THE SHOW RUNNING THAN GO OUT. If you have to go, than log out.
  11. Songs and shows that have a guidance ratings should be aired at the watershed periods (9pm and after in UK), or if unavoidably earlier, regular warnings about content should be given

Code of Ethic & Values

  1. Please! NO fighting at all with other DJ’s. NEVER talk bad about any DJ’s. Be Polite, Helpful & Hospitable, this is the Deeplomatikk way!
  2. Please inform Field Marshall, or “anyone concerned” (see support below) via Private Messaging if you are unable to do your show at the earliest convenient time possible. If unable to do a show, you can request cover from another Dj via the group whatsapp, but this is not mandatory.
  3. DJ’s should not make the Radio His/Her personal outlet for their problems!
  4. DO NOT Discuss Deeplomatikk Radio “behind the scenes matters” live On-Air, unless plugging a new feature or item.
  5. DO Not use vulgar or Bad language on Air!
  6. Any existing DJ’s who have not provided a bio will have their pic removed from the website.
  7. We are all human and can grow tired and weary, if so we are here for you, able to discuss alternate timeslots/days/weeks if needed.


For any support issues on Software and Broadcasting

Field Marshall, Whatsapp Group

For any issues regarding the Website

Field Marshall, Seanre

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