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Evenings With Shwn’rah

Featuring The Global Soul Top Ten

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A Modern Soul Radio Show, Featuring the syndicated Global Soul Top Ten, Including Throwbacks, Modern & Future Funk, Indie Soul & Slow Jams

The format is smooth and funky, music you didn't know you wanted to hear! more for the discerning ear and lover of music who is prepared to listen to tunes not widely known, and not played on commercial radio, although you will hear many familiar names, it is definitely for the mature ear.

The throwbacks moto is 'To play the other songs, on the albums', this means that instead of the huge party hits of yesteryear artists, the same albums containing those hits, also had hidden gems not played regularly. Although there is nothing wrong reminiscing about some of the big tunes, as they were big tunes for a reason.

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Evenings With Shwn’rah crew

Music IS me! Me is Music! An Obsession, and Addiction, I love how it brings me joy, and brings joy to others. What a wonderful gift from our maker. To make it, and if you can't make it, you enjoy what others make.I have been a music digger since my early teens, in the early eighties. over the years i have amassed a huge collection of vinyl, tape and digital music, than sold, gave or simply ripped to mp3. So my collection is mainly digital now. sorry Vinyl Purists and Crate-diggers.I always play, 'the other tracks on the albums', rather than what i know everyone will be listening to on every commercial station going, not that there's an issue with that, i would go out and enjoy commercial music, but instead of the big tunes on the albums, i like to not forget the other tracks on the albums, and that's where i come in.I love ALL music, and try not to limit myself to one genre, and thus have a sort of tunnel vision. no lanes here! Music i play is mainly for the mature musical ear.