September Update

Hi Fam

Firstly thank you for your continued support. We truly appreciate you!

So what’s been happening in the world of Deeplomatikk Radio? Well the first is hard to miss, we hope you like the website, we would like to hear what you think? please leave your comments on the chat.

We would like to welcome the wonderful return of Swift Tee! doing Soul Street every Monday at 6pm UK Time. We would also like to welcome DJ Sky-Az doing some serious damage on the Bashment Show, every Friday & Saturday at 10pm UK time

Producers corner has taken off and more Producers, Artists, and Listeners are tuning in. if you missed a show, don’t forget to listen again with our sound-cloud feature.

Tomorrow on Producers Corner, it will be my pleasure to interview Olue Notem. Born & bred in Zimbabwe Ko Bulawayo. Singer/Songwriter in AFRO house and other genres including Gospel. Make sure you tune into this interview at 6pm UK Time /  7pm CAT.

We also noticed the stagnant cloud playlist, and we apologize for not updating regularly, we admit fault and have addressed this issue! As you can see by the now playing icons, we have worked hard to update and reorganize the playlists for your listening pleasure. The playlists will now be monitored and updated regularly. please check the schedule page for all updated info and shows.

Happy listening for September

DJ Field

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