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Most browsers have a cache, this gets filled over time, when watching videos, or searching the net. When the cache has grown in size, it makes it dofficult for the players to stream on your device. We advise you to get a cleaner software that can clear your devices of rubbish files.

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Deeplomatikk Radio offers a number of ways you can tune in and listen. We have Web players, Links, and Apps.

Web Players

Web players are the players found on the website. They do not automatically play unless you press the play button.

Web Links

Links allow you to hear our music from other places. We have an Android App link, that you can install on your android phones, as well as links to Tune-In & My-Tuner Radio websites.

Web Files

These links are for your operating system players. They allow you to listen via downloading a small file, that contains the listening information, this little file can than be used to listen on your computers ITunes Player, Or Windows Media Player, Or even those who still have Winamp or VLC.

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