Middle aged (hehehe) Husband and Father of two.
Born in Zambia, ‘Grown’ in Zimbabwe and Matured in U.K

The Technical Bits

I am a rather obsessive collector of music, which started in my very early teens, as young as 13 i remember, and have never stopped collecting. I trawl anywhere and everywhere looking for nice beats, and do not limit my ear to one genre at all. That’s over 30yrs of music collecting.

I always dj’d at parties and small community functions
I dj’d for a short while, during the early 90’s for a club called Catch 22, and various Bulawayo city events, using trusty ol Sl1200’s & carried on dj’ing at parties as an amateur dj, using hired equipment till the 2000’s, I started using VDJ Software soon after and stopped dj’ing in public entirely!

“My Thoughts”
I can catagorically say i am not a Pro Dj. I tend to lean to the term Bedroom Broadcaster.

Would i like to work in Professional Radio? Does a bear poop in the woods? i can only dream….

To Sum Up!

EVERYONE knows me for my love of music, I thoroughly enjoy sharing a 2 hr experience with everyone, hoping that the time spent together can invoke satisfaction, escapism, joy and peace in a turbulent world.
I try to play my eclectic brand of memories, thoughts, emotions, or just downright gut wrenching grooves.

Quenched Soul Show