Dj Field

Dj Field has been in the music business for 28 years . It all started in 1989 with sound system called Dub Invaders in Bulawayo Zimbabwe where Field was their MC (Mic Chanter). The Sound system specialised in underground reggae music, and Dub music was the sound system’s main genre. Dub is the xray side of reggae music, all instrumental, no vocals, but with added effects and reverb by the Engineers like Scientist.

Field became one of the Top Mcs in Bulawayo and there was even a talk of him releasing an album , but the economic problems in Zimbabwe prevented that happening. So in 1993 Field decided to come to England to pursue his music career.
In 1994 he developed an interest to become a club dj while still combining it with his role as an MC.
1994 was exciting as Jungle music had become very popular in underground scene. Field started collecting Jungle, reggae, dub, and house music, which he played at parties in around london . His ambition to continue being an MC was still on Field’s plans, but the lure of the turntables just took over and he then devoted all his time as a Dj.
Field moved with the times as new music genres emerged, but the genre that stayed with him through out this change was House Music, and, by that time, a new cousin of house had emerged called speed garage. Speed garage borrowed its name from USA Garage which emerged in the 1980s alongside House music, which for all that know music was the same as house music, The only difference being that House was played in the Warehouse, and Garage was played at a venue called Garage.
As year 2000 approached another sub genre of House called “DEEP HOUSE ” re-emerged. Many garage producers started producing this genre and it became, the, sought after genre in the underground scene . A genre DJ FIELD fell in love with, and started pushing from then onwards till now.
2005 mixtapes from SOUTH AFRICA started hitting the British Scene , mixes from the likes of Vinny Da Vinci , DJ MBUSO.
DJ FIELD was among the djs to spread the word about the talent coming out of SOUTH AFRICA .
It was at this time that Field and his cousin created a crew called KASILUV. The main aim of this crew was to host HOUSE events and to spread the SOUTH AFRICAN HOUSE sound to the British. This was a success and the creation of KASILUV has seen the emergence of new HOUSE crews and the sound of SOUTH AFRICAN HOUSE spread all over uk.
Dj Field has shared stages with the likes of DJ FRESH, BLACK COFFEE, GLEN LEWIS, CULOE DE SONG, OSKIDO, DJ CHYNAMAN, whom are all well known house producers from South Africa & USA.

5 years ago DJ FIELD created a radio station mainly to cater for HOUSE MUSIC, which he called DEEPLOMATIKK RADIO. Early days were tough running a radio station, But with time, the station grew, and many djs and presenters have joined. As a result more genres have been added. The station continues to grow from strength to strength.

Field is now attending college to learn music production and he continues to be the sought after DJ in the clubs and private parties.
You can catch FIELD’s radio shows on Deeplomatikk Radio every FRIDAY 8pm UK and 10pm SA time .
There will more information added as Dj Field continues on this musical journey.

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