DJ Synplisity

Native Houstonian, DJ Synplisity aka Angry Broads, has been working the turntables since the early age of 13, mixing and blending beats. Once he got his first taste for great music and making crowds move his life has not been the same. DJ Synplisity has been featured at many of joHouston’s premiere night clubs as well as some cross country, such as the Dallas Bull located in Tampa, FL. To date, DJ Synplisity currently spins a variety of music that ranges from Hip-Hop to Electro House. Don’t be fooled by his looks, this is one DJ that is a force to be reckoned with behind the wheel of steal, constantly spinning the hottest and up to date tracks and never missing a beat. Be sure to keep your eyes/ears pealed because he is sure to be rocking a venue near you.

Featured Venues Include:
Bad Fish Bar
Tribeca Patio
Boondocks Houston
Zula Lounge
District Night Club
Rich’s Houston
MK Ultra Radio Show (91.7 FM Houston)
M4 Lounge
410 Bistro & Lounge
Bronx Bar