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Think you have what it takes to be a Radio DJ or Presenter?

Have a desire to up your skills in Radio? Many of our DJ’s present and past, did not have the confidence to talk and present a show on Radio, But after joining us, they grew in confidence and also gained new skills. We have always given the encouragement and necessary upbuilding critique to our presenters who are learning the ropes.

We will help you to be able to broadcast your show on our platform using the necessary tools and information.

You will need

  • Good quality MIC
  • Broadband Service
  • Ethernet Cable Router Connection

We need commited people, who will be regular on their chosen time slot. If you have a time slot please try to keep it. It is like a job, and we do need a DJ running in relation to the schedule they have opted to do.

All DJ’s must provide a quality picture, and send a DJ’ & Show Bio

All DJ’s must speak regularly (Every 10-15 mins) to ensure listeners feel engaged.

All DJ’s must tag their songs in the right way. (Artists – Name of the song)

All DJ’s must check our listener social areas for messages (E’G Web Chat, Whatsapp Groups, Facebook Pages) regularly, whilst live.

Songs and shows that have a guidance ratings should be aired at the watershed periods (9pm and after in UK), or if unavoidably earlier, regular warnings about content should be given.






Application Form
Enter the dj name you would like to be known by
Enter a link for your show/mix to a file download, or any social platform
Please write something about you and music, you can include your bio if you have one
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