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London Based Drum and Bass DJ and Producer, Sound Engineer, Keyboardist and Streamer Mi-Keyz started Producing at the young age of 14, from his bedroom with nothing more than a basic midi keyboard with 2 keys missing and a very early version of Cubase Vst Software. Self taught and with lots of determination he progressed his piano playing skills to the level that he was asked to play in a soul/funk band in his early 20's. Also being fortunate enough to work and be tutored by his mentor Winston "Kemist" Gilbert who finessed his skills to include reggae music to his repertoire.

Of African origin, Matured in the U.K. Music IS me! Me is Music! An Obsession, and Addiction, I love how it brings me joy, and brings joy to others. What a wonderful gift from our maker. To make it, and if you can't make it, you enjoy what others make. I have been a music digger since my early teens, in the early eighties. over the years i have amassed a huge collection of vinyl, tape and digital music, than sold, gave or simply ripped to mp3. So my collection is mainly digital now. sorry Vinyl Purists and Crate-diggers. I always play, 'the other tracks on the albums', rather than what i know everyone will be listening to on every commercial station going, not that there's an issue with that, i would go out and enjoy commercial music, but instead of the big tunes on the albums, i like to not forget the other tracks on the albums, and that's where i come in. I love ALL music, and try not to limit myself to one genre, and thus have a sort of tunnel vision. no lanes here! Music i play is mainly for the mature musical ear.

Alexander Jordan Bush) who has found his way with bringing Afro house Music which touches the soul. With a background of African and European Decent – the music growing up in the household ranged from African Music, Reggae and Melodic Spanish music the base was ingrained from early as to why Afro House music became his calling

Living in the south of the netherlands NAUS (44) is a tru House Music lover, DJ, Creator of [Deep] [Groovy] [Funky] [Underground] HOUSE MUSIC. NAUS has always had a love for fresh and original raw underground house vibes combined with Deep, Chicago, Soulful, uplifting jazzy style beats.

Lidzcapo is a producer and a dj born in small town Dutywa in Eastern cape. He found love of music at early ages and went to school of music to uplift the skill and talent in music.

Fomartik (Mandisi Mzanywa) is a mthatha born house music composer/producer, Club dj, radio presenter & Dj who now resides in Cape Town. Fomartik is a well spoken, articulate and professional Dj, Producer with a clear voice, excellent communication skills and a good sense of timing & co-ordination. Fomartik has vast experience of working on Private & Corporate events, Clubs, Lounges, Pubs & radio stations having worked as a resident DJ on two venues and two Radio Stations and now host his own 2hour radio show.

Lesego Lefifi, also known as Twitch, he is a young Afro House DJ from Alexandra Township in Gauteng. He began his DJ career in the year 2015. He then went to study the music business and advanced DJ at Rise Academy from the year 2019.

Paul has enjoyed residencies at some of the best clubs in the UK including the Vault, Taste and the mighty super club Godskitchen where his signature house sound became a staple of the back room. Over the years he has had the privilege of DJing alongside the likes of legends such as Farley Jackmaster Funk, Jeremy Healy, Seb Fontaine, Tall Paul, Boy George, Brandon Block, Alex P, Judge Jules, Tony De Vit, Alistair Whitehead, Grant Nelson to name just a few.

What gets me up in the morning is always to make sure I make a difference in other people’s life also love giving back and serve my community in every way possible I have been in the music industry for over 25 years working underground and behind the scenes ,I’m from a singing family ,also God Fearing Family man ,and my family has always been my Pillar over the years in my career ,I’m an ex semi pro footballer and still playing on the over 35 league in London

With a curious ear & an open mind guided by his passion for perfection, the desire to learn the art of mixing & blending transpired from the overwhelming urge to offer his narrative of the beautiful melodies of House music. BoeBlendz ultimately enjoys playing Amapiano, Afro, Deep & Soulful House music, creating an amalgam of auditory bliss.

A Zimbabwean born Lawyer 🇿🇼 In transition into my passion which to help people🇬🇧 My focus is to make big positive changes within the community by promoting positivity, providing practical advice and empowering people to bounce back from trauma to HEALING, which will essentially improve their lives✍️ Talk Show Host: on Deeplomatikk Radio🎙Shifting Your Mindset With Mutsa. #shiftingyourmindsetwithMutsa! We have tough unfiltered conversations using a holistic approach based on three elements: Shared Experience✅ Shared Benefit ✅ Shared Involvement✅. The end goal is to move into THE SHIFT from trauma to HEALING!!!❤️

FlexAudionative is a DJ, Producer and events Coordinator born & raised in Tzaneen, Limpopo [South Africa] The Tzaneen born Spinner has a clear vision of keeping the dance floor packed & ecstatic with his infamous underground Dynamics sound.

Lets’ela is the embodiment of dynamism with a cunning ability to fuse traditional Sesotho sounds with mainstream genre’s such as Trap and Hip and Hip. This conscious rapper calls himself a hybrid as he is able to deliver “bars” in Sesotho, English and an Nguni based mixture of isiZulu and IsiXhosa.

Since qualifying as a Mechanical Engineer, Mathabo has had a successful career in Operations and Consulting for almost a decade (having worked for Sasol, South African Breweries, Mckinsey & Company and Deloitte). However, her passion for music remained undeterred leading to the decision to leave her consulting career to focus on her entertainment career full time. Since then, Mathabo has released singles called “Take Me Away”, “BBB” and “African”. She is also featured on “Pelo ea ka” with Mosotho Let’sela and Kommanda Obbs as well as “Found You” by Mr Mo

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Hi. I am DrGoths' Dad, Danny. I am looking for Karl's DJ shows. Anything that might be accessible to listen to or even downloadable so that I could play for him to listen to when I visit him. Thank you
Hi. I am DrGoths' Dad, Danny. I am looking for Karl's DJ shows. Anything that might be accessible to listen or even downloaded do that I could play for him to listen to when I visit him. Thank you
May I know who is asking for Goth's shows whats your name
Thanks Sean
How do I listen to old shows? I'm looking for Dr Goth
Mike e LegacY
UNKLE MENACE.. I love you too unc, I'm doing my thang on a worldwide platform.... TOLD YOUUUUUUUUUUU I would do it lol
Phelpsy checking in. Hellva mix Mistah Phelps
Awesome show!
Going live in 25 minutes
whats up massive
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Do that dam thang!!!
Unkle menace
Killin it nephew. Uncle menace loves ya. Keep it up. Im watchin lol
Unkle menace
NicE set. Sounds good .nyc
FlexAudionative killing it 🔥
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Much much love y'all... Hope all is well and wishing everyone the best. Sending nothing but good vibes and much appreciation to all.
Much appreciated
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house is save in your hands Mr Field
A good Sunday mood vibes geek
Ziyabuya!! i have beeeeen wanting to listen
Nova Kyl98 here
my g sounding hella dope on the radio
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