Dr Goth


DrGoth, Karl Goth Reubins, Born in Colchester 1984.. Musical interests range from hip hop right through to rap/rave, indie metal and EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in between!
Used to review live events for ‘link2wales.co.uk’, having reviewed everything from ‘celtic folk’ right through to Prodigy, Cradle of Filth and Metalica.
I began doing stand up comedy around 3years ago, which turned in to Compereing for Kaya festival, which in turn, SOMEHOW has become a weekly Radio broadcast with Deeplomatikk!
Playing all things from mellow and chilled reggae/Dub/Ska through Dub step,Neurophunk/Deep tech Drum n Bass and even some funky/housy Techno… With regular guest mixes covering a variety of genre’s to keep you interested.
My aim is to educate all you precious

The Surgery Show



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